After spending the past 11 years hiding his engaging personality away in some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants, having achieved positions many only dream of, Kyle’s rise was brought to an early halt due to an unfortunate shoulder injury.

Closing one door and opening many others!

“I had really considered a career in real estate after finishing year 12 but the opportunity just wasn’t available at the time, after my shoulder injury, finding myself many years later and many miles from home, all the aspirations I thought would never transpire were once again possible. Having served customers for many years and focusing my work on their needs, I found that I had really provided myself with the training and ethics I would need to be a solid real estate agent; a hard working nature and skills to negotiate, clear and concise communication, a great attitude towards challenges and a genuine desire to deal with people”.

“I really love my quiet little area, having lived in the city of Wyndham for the better part of 10 years, I have come to understand who the people are but more importantly what the people want in a real estate agent. Honest, hardworking, straight talkers that are well presented and will go the extra mile in helping them achieve their goals. I aspire greatly to be that person and Agent”.

If you or anyone you know may be thinking of selling or are looking to purchase around Wyndham, please don’t hesitate to pass on my details or give me a call.

I look forward to meeting you.