“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity” is a statement that Dylan truly lives by.

Dylan is highly motivated individual with an overwhelming drive to succeed. He uses his innate negotiation and conflict resolution skills to achieve win-win solutions for all parties involved. Strong communication and attention to detail are a must in the real estate industry and he consistently demonstrates these in a calm, patient manner.

“I perfectly understand that a home is most people’s largest asset, and the price received for this asset can have a significant bearing on the future, including the ability to purchase the next dream home”.

Dylan also knows how hard it is to enter into the property market because he has done it the hard way himself. “I take this profession as people’s business and in order to be successful one should master the art of treating people fairly and rightly, with respect”

Dylan has been living in Wyndham area for more than five years, knows the area well and has a large network of friends living in the area. Dylan’s children attend the local primary school/child care centre and he shops at the local shops to support the local businesses and community.

In his leisure time Dylan enjoys being around his family; with son Savinu, daughter Akeesha and wife Theja. And likes almost all sports, AFL, Cricket, Rugby and tennis being his favourite.

Please contact Dylan Liyanage on 0424 716 346 or d.liyanage@westwoodfn.com.au for all your real estate needs, whether it may be selling or buying.