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12 Nov 19

How to make the most of your annual leave in 2020

Strategically placed days on annual leave mean less days worked! -

We could all use a little more annual leave. Whether it’s to make more time for hanging out with the kids, or to book a long weekend getaway or international holiday – less days at work sounds great to us!

However, the key to maximising your annual leave is by being across all the public holidays in your state and taking some carefully-placed annual leave days either side of them.

We’ve got the run down here.

New Year’s Day, Wednesday 1st January

Just take January 2 and 3 as annual leave and you’ll run right into the weekend. 5 sweet days of freedom!

Australia Day, Sunday 26th January

As the public holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be a public holiday in lieu. Take the 28th to the 31st on annual leave, and you’ll have time off from Saturday January 25 to Sunday February 2.

Good Friday, 10th April & Easter Monday, 13th April

Take Tuesday the 14th to Friday the 17th on annual leave and you won’t have to work until Monday April 20th.

Queen’s Birthday, Monday 8th June

Take Friday the 5th of June off as annual leave and enjoy a 4-day weekend.

Labour Day Public Holiday (SA, NSW, ACT) Monday 5th October

Take October 6 to 9 on annual leave and you’ll have 9 days in a row off.

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