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3 Jul 19

Seven Easy Tips to Give Your Property an Elegant Flair

1. Remove and throw out all the excess stuff

Your house needs to look homely, but not messy or cluttered. In saying that, remove all unnecessary items and store them away i.e. in the attic, shed or give them to someone for the time being. Potential buyers want to see the highlights, not the mess. Tip: Ensure to keep and display the valuable possessions such as photos, paintings and carpets; this will create that homely feeling.

2. "Let there be light!"

Nobody likes darkness and people are wary of the dark areas of the house. Not enough light creates an unwelcoming vibe for buyers (and for guests). Ultimately, repainting the walls and windows will enhance your property. Do consider adding airy curtains which will help bring in more light into your home. If you have a private inspection during the evening, ensure all lamps are in the right places. Another easy tip: Replace all light bulbs for extra light!

3. Get rid of nasty odours in your home

This tip is a priority! Smell is a sense we are dependent on when we make choices (like choosing the right meal). If you are a smoker, no dramas, just make sure to wash curtains and air out rooms. Quick tip! if there is a persistent cigarette smell, place vinegar bowls around the house for a few days. The vinegar will absorb the cigarette odour and your home will revitalise with freshness. Tip: Keep scented candles. scented bamboo sticks or automatic air fresheners for a pleasant smell.

4. Display the right furniture

Suitable furniture is another must for first impressions. You might love that old sofa you have inherited from your parents or grandparents, but your future buyers may not. So, remove all the old furniture and put them in a garage, shed or rent a storage locker while you are in the process of selling. Tip: Replace or hire old living room sets with sophisticated leather lounges as leather makes everything come across more elegantly. 

5. Make your kitchen go from tired to inspired

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the household. Aside from cooking, many families eat and have their meetings there. The kitchen needs to be homely yet refined. Tip: Add tiny jars of homemade jam, mason jars with chocolate chip cookies or a fruit bowl.


6. Fix and clean everything

Fixing broken installations, doorknobs, window frames and such will show you as the seller in professional light. Also, the house will look much better when things are in order. Keeping it clean while you’re selling is also essential since nobody wants to see dust and grime in their prospective home. Tip: If you don’t want to get bothered by cleaning, ask or hire someone to do it. 

7. Keep it professional

After you have taken care of the "hard-yards”, it is time to find a professional real estate agent. Having your home ready for sale is your part of the deal, while the right agent is the one that closes deals. Hiring the right agent is an investment, someone who can offer a written guarantee and clients deserve to be swept off their feet. The right agent will not only ahcieve the best result but provide you with the best service as possible.


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